Granite is an intrusive rock that starts out as molten masses deep with in the earth. As the mass cools, the minerals form into crystals of various size and shapes, depending on the conditions at the time. Large crystals are indicative of a slow cool down while small crystals are typical of a rapid cooling. Granite is typically made up of three minerals; quartz, feldspar, and mica. The word 'granite' is derived from the Latin word 'granum', meaning grain. It describes the granular texture of the rock. Igneous rocks are said to be 'massive' unlike sedimentary rocks which are composed in layers or beds of varying thickness. These qualities make granite the hardest, strongest and most durable of all building stone.

We carry a wide range of colours and there are numerous edging choices. Granite slabs are excellent for kitchens as it is a dense material which resists stains heat and can be buffed to cover scratches or marks that may occur. Granite is also a sleek look for bathroom vanities, and comes in a tile form for flooring, backsplashes and other applications.

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Blue Eyes

Blue Pearl

Canadian Gold


Azul Makabus

Baltic Brown

Bianca Romano

Black Galaxy

Emerald Pearl

Giallo Antico


Golden Leaf

Gold Rock


Kashmire Gold


Blue Australe

Nero impala

New Giallo

New Venetian

Sapphire Blue

Silver Sea

Sunset Rosso

Tropic Brown

Verde Butterfly

Virginia Mist